Documentation and Guideline

Documentation of the project in two volumes
Documentation of the project in two volumes

More information is available at the end of the pilot projects and the entire „Inclusive Community“ project.

Two documentations and a handbook for municipalities (in German language) have been published.

Documentation volume 1 and volume 2

Volume 1 explains the process, objectives, participants and the steering groups of the project are presented.

It contains an overview of inclusive institutions in Leipzig and Addis Ababa.

The project participants have visited inclusive institutions.

Then they discussed their experiences.

This is how the „current status“ of inclusion in both cities was determined.

The results of the visits are documented in volume 1.

Volume 2 contains evaluations at the end of the three project years.

The participants in Leipzig and Addis Ababa answer a questionnaire.

The leaders of the pilot projects also present their results.

Each chapter begins with a summary in simple language.

The PDF of volume 1 is designed to be accessible for screen readers.

Volume 1 has also been published in Amharic.


Working in international inclusive projects
Handbook for municipalities (in German language)

We published a Handbook for Municipalities in German.

It is aimed at employees of cities, municipalities and municipal institutions.

It should help you to develop, plan and implement their own inclusive projects with international partners.

The experiences of the Nakopa project „Inclusive Municipality – Measures to Promote an Inclusive Society in the Twin Cities of Leipzig and Addis Ababa“ have been incorporated into this text.

We hope that our suggestions will encourage you to start such projects yourself.