Delegation in Addis Abeba

Delegation in Addis Abeba
Sarah Junge from the ‘Berufsschulzentrum 12’ (Vocational Training Centre) smells aromatic herbs in the Addis Ababa Botanical Garden.

From 15 to 19 November, a Nakopa project group visited Addis Ababa. Katja Roloff (Office for International Affairs) headed the group. The school garden project was the main reason for the visit.

Thus, the group went to see the botanical garden in Addis Ababa. The school garden project is handled by:

– Frank Böhme, Head of Vocational Training for People with Disabilities at the Vocational Training Center 12 (‘Berufsschulzentrum 12’) in Leipzig

– Sarah Junge, inclusion pedagogue at the Vocational Training Centre 12 (‘Berufsschulzentrum 12’) in Leipzig.

They also met the head of the botanical garden, Professor Sedsebe Demisew. Professor Sedsebe advises on the school garden project. In addition, he wants to cooperate with the botanical garden in Leipzig. A touch-and-smell garden for people with disabilities already exists in Leipzig. A special touch-and-smell garden should be arranged in Addis Ababa too.

The participants also signed an agreement. This agreement is about vocational training. TVET administration is the name of the state agency in Addis Ababa. The following German experts are working actively to extend this cooperation in vocational training:

– Thomas Graupner, Head of the State Office for Schools and Education in Zwickau

– Ulrich Stephan, integrated CIM expert in Addis Ababa.

Another project was prepared during the visit: The holiday activity called ‚City within the City‘. It was planned for February 2019.